50-Year Shingles – Are They Worth The Investment?

When choosing between the products offered by shingle roofing contractors, homeowners have access to many premium, long-life shingles.

Among them are shingles with a lifespan of between 25 and 50 years, the latter being the most expensive option of them all.

Are those 50-year shingles actually worth the extra expense? In some cases, they can be but in others, maybe not. Before investing in them, homeowners should understand the truth about 50-year premium shingles installed by shingle roofers and whether they will be a worthwhile purchase for them. 

Any Shingle Can Ideally Last For 50 Years

Any shingle, with any life expectancy, can last up to that expectancy in ideal conditions. That is the big variable that usually prevents most homeowners from reaching those marks, however. Ideal conditions are those that exclude much extreme weather, and that includes regular maintenance performed by experienced shingle roofing companies to keep shingles in good condition. Whether shingles have a 25-year or a 50-year lifespan, conditions and care make all the difference. 

Do 50-Year Shingles Actually Last 50 Years?

Based on this idea, shingle roofers agree that many 50-year shingles do not actually see their 50th year, as a lot can happen in the span of half a century. Overall, most 50-year shingles can be expected to last 40 years, which is still a long time for asphalt shingles. Additionally, these products may only be warranted for less than 50 years, suggesting that they are expected to break down before that. Still, this does not mean that no 50-year shingles installed by shingle roofing contractors are worth the extra expense. 

What About 50-Year Shingles Where Hurricanes Occur?

The biggest factor that affects the lifespan of 50-year shingles other than good maintenance is extreme, hurricane-force weather. These premium asphalt shingles are designed to be more hail resistant than other products, and will easily withstand frequent heavy rains and strong winds, but they are simply not durable enough to repeatedly withstand hurricane-force winds. For this reason, they are not recommended by most reputable shingle roofing companies in places where actual hurricanes are frequent. Anywhere else, the limitation seems to be based mainly on the care that the shingles are given over their decades of life. 

So Are 50-Year Shingles Ever A Wise Investment?

So, should a homeowner invest in 50-year shingles? Will it be worth it for them?

That answer depends on three things. 

  1. Can the homeowner commit to hiring a shingle roofing contractor to do maintenance year in and year out to protect their shingles and their financial investment in them?
  2. Is the home in a region that does not routinely see hurricane-force storms?
  3. Are there plans to remain in the home that long? 

Adding All This Up

If all three of these answers are yes, shingle roofers confirm that 50-year shingles can be a good investment.

Even if they do not last 50 years to the day, they can still outlast most other shingles with longer warranties than those other products, making them more cost-effective.

Otherwise, having a less-expensive shingle installed by a shingle roofing company that will require replacement sooner might be a better alternative.