Best Ways to Inspect Your Roof for Storm Damage!

A big storm has just passed and you are concerned that your roof has sustained damage - how do you know if you are in need of storm damage emergency repair services?

Here are a few tips for doing your own preliminary storm damage inspection so you can get an idea of just how pressing the problem might be.

With a little knowledge and a keen eye, you can call a storm damage repair service and give them a good idea of what kind of damage might be there so your roofing issues are handled in a timely manner.

1. Types of Storm Damage

Roofing problems that require storm damage emergency repair services are typically seen in a few different ways.

Wind damage like shingles, tiles, and panels bent or blown off tends to be the most common, with the leaks and water stains from heavy rains equally common.

Dents, chips, and broken components associated with hail damage are also seen after extreme weather by storm damage inspection companies.

Branches and other debris falling on or piercing through the roof and damaged gutters are also common.

2. How Are Different Materials Affected?

While every roof can suffer during a storm and need storm damage repair services, certain materials are more susceptible to certain types of damage.

Shingles of most types are more susceptible to being blown off, as are metal panels while tiles are more easily damaged by hail.

Flat roofs also tend to suffer wind damage if air can blow under a corner or seam and blow it off.

Any roof could end up with water damage if loosened by wind, rain, hail, or even debris.

3. Know Where To Look

After a storm, begin your personal inspection outside.

Note any obvious problems that indicate storm damage emergency repair services are needed like missing shingles or a tree branch through the roof, then take a closer look.

Examine the surface of the roofing and check that all the flashing and gutters are intact, then take your inspection inside and look for water and other signs of damage in the attic.

Storms Often Require Storm Damage Repair Services

Usually, if you need immediate attention from a storm damage repair service, you can figure that out fairly easily.

If you are seeing less obvious signs like old water stains, missing flashing, or loosened roofing materials, it is still important to have a professional roofing inspection done.

Get a storm damage inspection company out within a few days so that needed repairs can be made in time and you’ll be dry for the next rain!