Iron Fences

An iron fence is basically a metal railing surrounding a given perimeter. Such fences can either be made of wrought iron, steel, or cast iron. Wrought iron is generally heavier with a rustic look and its preferred for its beauty and durability. It requires some significant maintenance and it’s very long lasting and strong thus providing high security. It is also highly malleable and thus bends easily under heat to form creative fence designs. Wrought iron oxidizes over time forming a patina (rust spots), which many users find appealing. Wrought iron is very expensive and heavy meaning that installation will be tedious and needs an experienced team to handle it. It may not work well for dump areas due to the rust spots that develop when the paint starts chipping away and for people who find patinas unappealing, the cost of repainting sanding every time may be off putting.

Cast iron, on the other hand, is brittle and does not bend, meaning it is hard to shape it into different designs that may be needed for fencing purposes. It also susceptible to rust and is not commonly used for fencing purposes. A more refined form of iron that is a favorite in the fencing industry is steel. Steel is very strong, heavy and long lasting. Perimeters that are on sloppy and may prefer using steel for their fencing as it can be racked to suit any landscape. Just like wrought iron, steel is very expensive and it does not provide full coverage of the perimeter due to its wide panels and is thus not a popular choice for those looking for privacy through fencing. Due to its weight, only professionals are able to handle and install it and in fact, it’s not recommended for residential and family uses. Instead, it is preferred for industrial premises. Overall, iron fences may provide several creative designs for the consumer to choose from. Fencing Companies