Most Common Roof Designs

Although roofs may often be overlooked because it's not always visible when on ground, a roof's style shows a designed statement that complements your home.

Certain types of roofs are most appropriate to what your home's style is. If your home speaks the architecture of a certain era, you want your roof to be consistent with the design.

Some roof styles show a modern way of giving the home an accent. For example, you wouldn't want a Japanese-style roofing on your French home, however, stylish that may look.

To be consistent with your house's design, you would, of course, want to have a mansard roof to complement your French architecture.

Roofing Design

To know more about what roofing design best fits your home, speak with an experienced roofer.

Now, this may be common sense, but your roof's design speaks for itself as it improves the overall design of your home.

It is not only a useful part of the whole structure of the home to protect from different weather conditions; a roof is the one of the most important exterior design that you can do for your home.

Types of Roofing Material

Asphalt shingles are the most common material used for small homes. For larger homes, a gable and the cross-gable roof is mostly used as a simple roofing style.

A mansard roof is mostly used for country-style French design homes and is best for a country setting.

For commercial buildings, a flat-style roof is mostly used. We don't recommend that you use this for home design, though, because of it's often blocky architectural design.

Same as with flat roofing, the barrel roof does not fit the home design, but can be a great design statement for office buildings and modern homes.

Pick A Good Roof Style For Your Home

Those are the most common roof styles for homes. To know more about the best roofing styles, designs and other roofing tips, be sure to check for local roofers in your area!